Waste of Space- a Godtier Appreciation post

Whenever I see people come up with titles and aspects for themselves, they either pull from the kids we see, human or alien, or they make up their own.

I think we need to gain appreciation for the 15th class in Homestuck. A class that’s rarely referenced, but has had a huge impact on the story.

I’m talking about the Waste class here.


First off, look at that outfit. A tiny hood, and a tiny cape, with a decent shirt, pants, and shoes. This is as casual as Godtiers get. If I had to spend the rest of eternity in an outfit, I would not mind this so badly.

Secondly, the Waste seems to have a fairly decent powerset. We only get to see what the Waste of Space can do, but what it can do is “a lot.”

First off, the Waste of Space is known for lengthening, and possibly shortening, distance. This is best exemplified when the Hussiebot turns a single yard into three lightyears.


Also, the Waste can transfer their powers to a robot duplicate. This is a feat that only comes close to being replicated by the Witch class, which is extremely powerful.

The other thing the Waste of Space does is make interuniversal travel unnaturally easy, possibly as an extension of their “lengthen/shorten” powers by teleportation. This is not only for themselves, but for others as well.


The Waste of Space can work so fast, that they can rescue someone from an exploding universe (as he did with Spades Slick).


They also gain an acute awareness of when and how space is being traversed, allowing them to keep tabs on other travelers… or when people are spying on them via 4th Wall.


If I were to summarize the Waste class, they seem to be themed around “using x to make things easier for themselves/using x to make things harder for others.” Not as concise as other classes, I know, but I would need a partner class to contrast them against to fully understand them. It should be noted that they don’t seem to have large-scale control of powers. The control is limited to an area immediately around them, but may have lasting effects if they leave. Thus, I declare the Waste to be an Active class, and best used with Active elements such as Space and Time.

Theoretical Waste combinations:

Waste of Breath: Could essentially breathe anywhere, can make it difficult/impossible for other people to breathe

Waste of Time: Could speed up their personal time to move faster, slow down other people

Waste of Life: Can easily heal themselves, or delay the healing of others

Waste of Light: Has good luck, gives bad luck to others (different from a Thief of Light, in that they do not take luck from other sources- they have inherently good luck).

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